April 2021

  • Kirsten Adcock Binion, Kamryn du Plessis, and Amy Farthing present research posters at the annual Triangle Society for Neuroscience meeting. Congratulations to Kristen for winning the best graduate student poster award!
  • Undergraduate researcher Hugh Johnson is awarded a CVM Summer Research Fellowship. Well done Hugh!

March 2021

  • Graduate students Amy Farthing and Kristen Adcock present research posters the annual NCSU CVM Litwack Research Day. Both were awarded poster prices  – Amy as 2nd place and Kristen as honorable mention. Very well done!
  • Averie Bunce leaves the lab to gain clinical experience as a medical scribe. As the standard bearer of our most challenging techniques, Averie has been a bedrock of the lab, especially throughout the pandemic. You will be missed  – good luck!

February 2021

  • Dr. Lucas is officially reappointed as assistant professor of neurobiology.
  • Dr. Lucas serves as ad hoc reviewer for the NIH Learning, Memory, and Decision Neuroscience study section.

October 2020

  • Dr. Lucas serves as ad hoc reviewer for the NIH Neurobiology of Learning & Memory study section.

September 2020

  • Research assistant Averie Bunce presents a research poster at the annual Pavlovian Society meeting.

June 2020

  • We cautiously began re-opening the lab. The College has put strict guidelines in place for our safety, such as operating at reduced capacity, working in shifts, enhanced PPE, enhanced cleaning, and location tracking. Here’s a sneak peak of what science looks like in a pandemic:

May 2020

  • Congratulations to our recent NCSU graduates Averie Bunce, Arkady Bilenkin, and Suzette Ramirez – we know that you have bright futures ahead of you.
  • Dr. Lucas received the notice of award for the lab’s first grant from the National Institutes of Mental Health. This R01 will investigate a novel sex-specific circuit for emotional memory. Many thanks are due to the hard working individuals of the lab (past and present) who generate the data!

April 2020

  • Kamryn du Plessis was selected as a U-TEAM Scholar – congratulations and very well deserved!

March 2020

  • Amy Farthing and Kristen Adcock join the lab – our very first graduate students! Amy is pursuing the Neurosciences concentration of the Comparative Biomedical Sciences program, and Kristen is a student in the Genetics Program. Welcome aboard!
  • Undergraduate research superstar Averie Bunce is awarded a CVM Summer Research Fellowship for the second consecutive year. Well done Averie!
  • Dr. Lucas receives an MBS Microgrant to purchase a much needed filter cube for a shared epifluorescence microscope. Many thanks to our wonderful department!
  • We shut down on wet lab on March 13 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are missing the bench, rig, and behavior but have plenty of data analysis to work on from home. Hello microscopy backlog!

February 2020

  • Sam Lambeth joins the lab as a research assistant – welcome aboard!
  • Dr. Lucas gives a talk and Averie Bunce presents a poster at the Center for Human Health and the Environment annual symposium themed “Interactions Between the Brain and the Environment”.

  • The lab’s first R01 application is scored in the 10th percentile! A huge thank you to all of the people who generously assisted us along the way.

January 2020

  • Mandy Biraud joins the lab as a senior research assistant/manager, and Kamryn du Plessis joins the lab as an undergraduate research assistant – welcome aboard!
  • Dr. Lucas gives a talk on the panel “The Highs and Lows of GABAergic Transmission in anxiety: Reconciling Contradictory Findings from Rodents and Humans Studies” at the Winter Conference on Brain Research in Big Sky, Montana. Many thanks to Dr. Laurence Coutellier for organizing the panel and to WCBR for the travel fellowship.

December 2019

  • Happy holidays + winter break from the lab!
  • Garret Ryherd leaves the lab to relocate to Wisconsin. Garret was the lab’s first employee and has been an invaluable resource for our many ongoing projects. We will miss you!

November 2019

  • Dr. Lucas presents research posters at the annual meetings of the Society for Neuroscience and the Molecular and Cellular Cognition Society in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Dr. Sreetama Basu leaves the lab to continue her postdoctoral studies at the Cleveland Hospital. We will miss you!

October 2019

  • Dr. Lucas receives a NARSAD Young Investigator Award from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. This award will provide funding for 2 years to investigate the lateral septum as a novel locus for sex differences in fear-based psychiatric disease. BBRF AnnouncementCVM Press

 August 2019

  • Dr. Sreetama Basu and Averie Bunce present research posters and original artwork at the annual NCSU CVM Litwack Research Day.

  • Dr. Lucas presents research poster at the 2019 Amygdala Function in Emotion, Cognition, and Disease Gordon Research Conference in Easton, Massachusetts.
  • Suzette Ramirez and Liz Kennelly join the lab as undergraduate research assistants – welcome aboard!
  • We enjoyed an end of summer lab outing with food from the Morgan Street Food Hall prior to escaping The Tower successfully. Lots of fun!

July 2019

  • Dr. Sreetama Basu’s poster “Associative Fear Learning Engages a Novel Sex-Specific LS Circuit for Memory Encoding” won 3rd place (out of 87 posters) at the 8th Annual North Carolina State University Postdoctoral Research Symposium, which included trainees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University as well as North Carolina State University. Well done Sreetama!

  • Averie Bunce’s research proposal “Parvalbumin Interneurons: A Potential Neurobiological Link to Changes in Anxiety-Related Behavior Across the Estrous Cycle in Mice” was selected for funding for a Research Award from Office of Undergraduate Research for the 2019-20 Academic Year. Well done Averie!

May 2019

  • Dr. Lucas gives a talk at the “Sex Differences, Dimorphisms, Divergences: Impact on Brain and Behavior in Health and Disease” workshop in Erice, Italy. Many thanks are due to the NCSU Keck Center for Behavioral Biology for providing travel funds to attend this workshop.
  • Arkady Bilenkin joins the lab as an undergraduate research assistant – welcome Arkady!
  • Ka’ayla Jones leaves the lab to focus on her new found passion of becoming a physician’s assistant. Good luck!

April 2019

  • Postdoctoral scholar Dr. Sreetama Basu and research assistant Garret Ryherd presented the first ever Lucas Lab posters at the 2019 Triangle Chapter for the Society for Neuroscience meeting. Be on the lookout for our most recent work at the annual Molecular & Cellular Cognition Society and Society for Neuroscience meetings in Chicago this October.

  • Averie Bunce receives a NCSU CVM Summer Undergraduate Fellowship to work in the lab full time this summer – congratulations Averie!

January 2019

  • Alex Yankoglu joins the lab as a postbaccalaureate research assistant. Welcome Alex!

December 2018

  • Happy holidays + winter break from the Lucas lab!

November 2018

  • Dr. Sreetama Basu joins the lab as a postdoctoral scholar. Welcome Sreetama!

September 2018

  • Kenny Hlewicki, Averie Bunce, and Ka’ayla Jones join the lab as undergraduate research assistants – welcome!

August 2018

  • The NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine has selected our project “A Novel, Sex-Specific Lateral Septum Circuit for Enhanced Fear Memory Persistence in Females” for a 2018-2019 research grant! We will use this award to pilot activity-dependent tagging of neuronal ensembles that are engaged during emotional learning to determine their behavioral relevance, neurochemical identity, and circuit connectivity.
  • Lab presents first research image at the NCSU CVM Litwack Research Day: “Constellations of neuronal activity following emotional learning”. Super excited about doctoral student Haley’s rotation project on sex-specific neural circuits for emotional processing.

June 2018

  • Garret Ryherd joins the lab as a research assistant – welcome Garret!
  • Haley Edwards rotates in the lab as a CBS Neurosciences PhD student – welcome Haley!

April 2018

  • Dr. Lucas gives the lab’s first invited talk on the “Sex Differences at the Electrophysiological Level: A Focus on the Limbic System ” panel at the 12th annual meeting of the Organization for the Study of Sex Differences in Atlanta, Georgia. Many thanks to Dr. Lisa Briand (Temple University) for organizing this panel!

January 2018 

  • Dr. Lucas joins the NCSU CVM Department of Molecular Biomedical Sciences as an Assistant Professor of Neurobiology.